Hillside Designworks, LLC brings leadership and guidance to our clients who are interested in creating customized and finely wrought spaces. We believe that good design improves lives – our open and collaborative design approach weaves together a cohesive vision by:

  • Understanding without imposing.
  • Communicating clearly using the most appropriate method – be it physical mock-ups, 3-d computer models, or pencil sketches.
  • Using materials and resources appropriately for the building project at hand.
  • Acting as project partners with the ownership team, and the craftsmen and women who create the final product.
  • We strive to create buildings and living spaces that will transcend generations, and most appropriately use our earth’s resources. We encourage efficiency and best use of available opportunities at all times.

Principal Seth Westbrook earned a B.S. in Recreation Management from the University of Vermont’s School of Natural Resources, and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon. Seth started his career in building and design by painting houses while in high school and college. Precise detailwork and workmanship were enforced by an older generation of Vermont craftsmen. Putting color on buildings led to an interest in how buildings are actually put together. Several years of work as a Carpenter under experienced mentors followed, and led to a 3 year M.Arch program at the University of Oregon. Sustainability, expressive materiality, as well as an immersion in Pacific Northwest Architecture inform Seth’s design work today.

Seth worked at Architecture firms in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Hanover, New Hampshire prior to founding Hillside Designworks, LLC in January 2016. Seth lives with his family in Central Vermont and is President of the Woodstock Area Mountain Bike Association, and a member of The Prosper Valley School Board.